Luxury Cosy Knitted Jumper

Luxury Cosy Knitted Jumper

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Our Luxury Cosy Knitted Jumper is Crafted Beautifully. Snug,Cosy & Comfortable is the Perfect way to be treat your precious paws and keep them warm! 

They’re Cosy, Comfortable and Knit With Hight Quality and Durable Materials! 

Size*- Chest - recommended Weight**
S- 31cm-upto 2.5KG
M-35cm-upto 4KG
L - 40cm - Upto 6KG
XL-44cm-upto 8KG

Suitable For Kittens, Cats. Please take into consideration your Floof  for sizing. 

*May Vary Slightly
 **Guidelines, May Vary Based On Individual pets size, therefore it is recommended to measure the widest part of your pet. 

Mittens Modelling a L (Pink) & Miley is Modelling a S In (Purple& Orange) 

Colours Available Blue, Beige, Purple, Black, Red, Orange, Grey, Navy, Pink, Deep Pink, Mint Green, Blue(Heart), Brown (Checkered)